How I stopped worrying and learned to love the iPad

Well, I lasted an entire week.  An entire week of reading blogs, forums, reviews and other comments and I caved. I got up this morning and drove down to Best Buy to pick up a 32gb version. (I actually tried to get one last night, but the Apple Store only had the 64gb versions in stock.)
What changed your mind, Kevin?  I thought you said that you needed to have the VGA out capabilities n order to justify spending the money?

Yes, yes I did say that. Multiple times. In many different places. So what changed? 

When it boils down to it, I decided that missing out on experimenting with this device was not worth waiting for a single feature that I deemed necessary. Yes, the video out is a really big deal to me and I'm voicing my opinion on it in a few different venues along with 3rd party developers. The bottom line is that this device is incredible on so many different levels. Using it for today convinced me of that even more than I already was previously. 

Most of the positive reviews are spot on, as are the ones with some of the negative complaints. Like vie said before, the flash, camera and USB complaints are all non starters. I'm also becoming increasingly convinced that a traditional file system isn't needed, though there needs to be a better system for document management - Goodreader is certainly on the right track, especially for a 99 cent app.
I'll be sure to write more in the coming days about individual features, but this thing is good. Real good.

And the typing? It is wonderful, in fact this whole blog post was written while lying in bed with my iPad on my lap.  

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  1. I wonder how long I'll hold out? I was just playing Plants vs. Zombies today and thinking, "this is a great game, but it would be so much better on an iPad". (Especially the quick-moving minigames.)