New look

One of the benefits of being married to a graphics designer: free design support!

I like the new clean look of the banner. The brushed metal corresponds nicely to the mostly Apple spread in front of me (and the preferred platform for most of my work.)

I really don't want to keep writing about the iPad, but the more that I use this thing in everyday situations, the more convinced I become of where it'll ultimately fall in the larger population, especially in education. I have been reading over the past week, as more people start receiving their 'iPad camera connection kit', the interesting support that the USB adapter has. So far, among the camera support as it was designed for, the Apple usb keyboard is supported as well as many USB audio devices. I wonder how long before printer support is enabled?

While it is billed as a content consumption device, this thing is proving more and more capable as a content creation device as well. If I'm right, it's little siblings (the iphone and iPod touch) are those ones that were truly designed to be the content consumption on the go. The iPad is something much more.

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