My students are starting to get it...

Today before class -

Student #1: "Mr. Bal, I was thinking about something just now... since a bunch of us have iPod touches that we use, couldn't we just get one of those small airport things and plug it into the network so that we could all share the access?"

Student #2: "Oh man, that would be awesome!"

Me: "Sadly, I don't think it would work nor would it be allowed."

Student #1: (With a look of disappointment) "That's really lame."

They are starting to get it.  Access is so vital.


  1. Teaching in a school system, I completely agree. How well do you think other teachers would take advantage of that access? I don't mean that as a reason against, just how much convincing are you going to have to do/how much prof development will need to be spent education/convincing others of its usefulness?

  2. That should read "Teaching in a school system with wireless."

  3. Even in a 1:1 school, you see varying degrees of 'embracing' the tech.

    Some would dive in headfirst to utilize and harness that access, others wouldn't change their approach no matter what you give them.

    I think in terms of the faculty, from the conversations that I have, people want to see all of these things, it is articulating the argument that is the problem. This is especially true when you have to ask for items from someone who is very intimidating because of relative knowledge gap in the tech field.